Triangular Guideline Tape

What is Triangular Guideline Tape?

Triangular Guideline Tape (TGL) or "Type II Tape" is a mil spec tape where the cross-section of the tape is of a triangular shape, so that the edges are half as thick as the center.  The silicone tape is marked in the center with a guideline or centerline, so when the tape is wrapped around wire bundles and cables the user can more easily create a uniform wrap.  In this type ii format, the edges are 50% thinner than the middle, and as each successive layer is overlapped onto the previous wrap, the triangles interlock and created a smoother wrap. This uni-wrap style triangular cross-section allows for a smoother and more uniform insulation coating than rectangular format silicone tape.

Silicone F-4 Tape by Harbor Products significantly exceeds the Mil Specifications for type ii triangular guideline tape, with a quality that is unsurpassed in the marketplace today.  While there are multiple manufacturers and suppliers of triangular guideline tape and other silicone tapes, our Silicone F-4 Tape is made of the highest quality ingredients and with unequalled silicone compounding technology.  Join the ranks of aviation, military and defense organizations that rely on the F4 Tape brand of silicone tape for their oem wire wrapping applications. Our triangular guideline tape is backed with an unconditional 100% money back guarantee.

We can provide customized triangular guideline tape for volume purchases in various colors and thicknesses.

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Our triangular guideline tape significantly exceeds the specifications as described in CID A-A-59163 (which supercedes MIL-I-46862 Rev. C 02/09).  Manufactured by Harbor Products, Inc., Carson City, NV

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