History of F-4 Tape
F4 Tape was the unofficial name given to the self-bonding rubber tape used by servicemen of the Navy, Air Force and Marine Corp.  Named after the legendary McDonnell F-4 Phantom II, the original F-4 Tape got its name due to its extensive use on the F-4 Phantom.  While officially used as a high-temperature high-performance electrical tape, even in its early days F-4 Tape was quite a remarkable repair product, having been used for repairs on hydraulic hoses and various other systems on the F-4 Phantom.  The Phantom took its first flight May 27, 1958, and remained in production for more than two decades, topping more than 5,000 built.   Recently celebrating its 50th anniversary, the F-4 Phantom II remains the second most produced western fighter jet in history behind the F-86 Sabre.   The F-4 fighter-bomber served in three branches of the military with extensive service in the Vietnam war for air combat, ground attack and reconnaissance.

Source: McDonnell F-4 Phantom:  Spirit in the Skies.  Airtime Publishing, 1992


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